Seawatch, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!! It was treat rather than trick this Halloween at the Avalon Seawatch with a decent flight throughout the day that included another Long-tailed Duck and strong Surf Scoter numbers.
Counter: Skye Haas
Total for the day: 10,829
Total birds for the season: 326,563

10/31Season Totals
ABDU - American Black Duck17491
AMWI - American Wigeon42163
BBPL - Black-bellied Plover91,364
BLSC - Black Scoter17922,235
BOGU - Bonaparte's Gull123
COLO - Common Loon6670
DCCO - Double-crested Cormorant4,736148,184
DWSC-SP - Surf/Black (Dark-winged) Scoter Species1,12117,137
FOTE - Forster's Tern38413,531
GBBG - Great Black-backed Gull3688
GLSC - Greater/Lesser Scaup11547
GRSC - Greater Scaup3104
GWTE - Green-winged Teal1223,207
HERG - Herring Gull172,477
LAGU - Laughing Gull49325,241
LESC - Lesser Scaup16143
LTDU - Long-tailed Duck13
NOGA - Northern Gannet33112,011
NOPI - Northern Pintail1959
PAJA - Parasitic Jaeger4451
RBGU - Ring-billed Gull1513
RBME - Red-breasted Merganser334
REKN - Red Knot1191
RNGR - Red-necked Grebe12
ROYT - Royal Tern72,095
RTLO - Red-throated Loon125941
SCOTER-SP - Scoter Species16617,006
SUSC - Surf Scoter3,02436,074
UNDU - Duck Species11,135
WODU - Wood Duck2302
WWSC - White-winged Scoter155

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