Seawatch - Friday, December 22, 2017

The last day of the season was quite busy!  It was a nice warm day topping out around 52 degrees, with southeast and south winds that produced over 4000 birds!  The best birds of the day were 3 Harlequin Ducks and a Red-necked Grebe, all heading south without landing.  We also had good numbers of Common Eider (10) and White-winged Scoter (22).

Of course, the bulk of the birds were gannets, Red-throated Loons, and both scoters, with about 1000 birds for each.  52 Red-breasted Mergansers and 51 Long-tailed Ducks were nice sights throughout the day to keep the variety up a bit.  Six Horned Grebe, both Greater and Lesser Scaup, and a single American Black Duck rounded out the waterbird diversity for the day.

Overall, I could not ask for a better last day of the season!  A big thank you to everyone who came out to visit throughout the season!  Remember that although our season ends today, the birds do not!  Get out to the ocean and do some seawatching over the next few weeks as birds keep heading south!

TODAY: 4286


Seawatch - Friday-Tuesday, December 15-19, 2017

My last full week was quite a bit better than the previous week, but certainly makes me miss the amazing days from October and November!  Unlike last week, this week almost every day was over 1000 birds, and Sunday and Tuesday were each around 3000!

The bulk movement this week continues to be Northern Gannet, as expected for this time of year.  Sunday was a bit different, as both Red-throated Loons and scoters each ended up being over 1000, which proved to be an excellent overall day due to the diversity.  No rarities or unusual birds this week, but a few more Common Goldeneye, several Great Cormorants, and our first Common Mergansers of the season were notable sightings.

Besides the birds, there was a Harbor Seal hanging out around the jetty and inlet for at least two days this week.

Friday, December 22nd is our last day!  Come out and say hello!  It should be a pleasant, warm day given the time of year!


Friday: 1313
Saturday: 932
Sunday: 3049
Monday: 1214
Tuesday: 2727

Seawatch - Friday-Tuesday, December 8-12, 2017

Another December week consisting of mostly north and west winds produced very slow days with only a few hundred birds.  However, by Monday and Tuesday there was a considerable uptick in numbers, with nice push gannets both days, a relatively good number of scoters.  Nothing unusual or exceptional this week, but there continues to be a good chance for alcids before the season ends on Friday, December 22nd!

Check out the numbers below, and click the day for the full totals!

Friday: 659
Saturday: 419
Sunday: 564
Monday: 1533
Tuesday: 1882

Seawatch - Wednesday & Thursday, December 6-7, 2017

It seems like Seawatch is finally starting to slow down with only 3,000 bird counted on Wednesday and 1,200 on Thursday. Wednesday's highlights included a late (and far) Parasitic Jaeger, a single Snow Bunting, and 2 Great Cormorants foraging along the jetty. Thursday was much quieter but there was some pretty sweet Peregrine Falcon drama in the afternoon as two birds battled it out right over the jetty (presumably over a prey item that I didn't see). It looks like the weather is about to turn and actually feel like winter (cold, wind, and snow??) but we'll see what goodies may come our way at Avalon.

Wednesday's totals:

Thursday's totals:

Photo time!

It's pretty fun having TWO Great Cormorants hanging out with you all day.
These Peregrines seem happy enough...
I spoke too soon! They DO NOT like each other!
They eventually departed ways with all feathers intact.