Seawatch, 20 October 2015

The great flight from Monday continued a little into Tuesday with a record-breaking single-day high count for Laughing Gulls. The previous single-day record, set October 12, 2000, was 6,603 but Tom tallied a total of 10,579 LAGU's on Tuesday, which is nearly double the number of LAGU's counted all season so far.
Counter: Tom Reed
Total for the day: 21,799
Total birds for the season: 168,897

10/20Season Totals
ABDU - American Black Duck8294
BLSC - Black Scoter2,48810,877
BLSK - Black Skimmer7461
BOGU - Bonaparte's Gull69
BRAN - Brant302,026
CEDW - Cedar Waxwing224
COLO - Common Loon67287
DCCO - Double-crested Cormorant3,60879,857
DWSC-SP - Surf/Black (Dark-winged) Scoter Species4947,612
FOTE - Forster's Tern1,3539,157
GBBG - Great Black-backed Gull4482
GRSC - Greater Scaup215
GWTE - Green-winged Teal211,052
HERG - Herring Gull191,630
LAGU - Laughing Gull10,57915,261
LESC - Lesser Scaup1247
NOGA - Northern Gannet140818
NOHA - Northern Harrier111
NOPI - Northern Pintail1747
NSHO - Northern Shoveler19
PAJA - Parasitic Jaeger12268
PISI - Pine Siskin12
RBGU - Ring-billed Gull137286
ROYT - Royal Tern611,622
RTLO - Red-throated Loon35225
RUDU - Ruddy Duck527
SCOTER-SP - Scoter Species12512,992
SNGO - Snow Goose11
SUSC - Surf Scoter2,5757,624
WILL - Willet13
WWSC - White-winged Scoter323

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