Seawatch, 17 November 2015

Today was THE seawatch day of the 2015 season! Migration Count Coordinator, Tom Reed knew it was going be special within the first hour when the birds came streaming by. The flight kept up throughout the day and kept the counter and visitors up in Avalon very busy/entertained with over 68,000 birds seen all day! Red-throated Loons had a phenomenal day with loose flocks going by a couple hundred at a time, more than doubling our season total. Scoters also had a strong flight with 48,180 all day across the three species.
Counter: Tom Reed
Total for the day: 68,209
Total birds for the season: 609,650

11/17Season Totals

ABDU - American Black Duck3431,115
AMOY - American Oystercatcher4498
AMWI - American Wigeon72272
BLSC - Black Scoter23,48960,747
BOGU - Bonaparte's Gull21,286
BRAN - Brant2903,491
BUFF - Bufflehead281,023
CAGO - Canada Goose165
COLO - Common Loon1651,550
UNDU - Duck species371,706
DCCO - Double-crested Cormorant3,601183,386
DWSC-SP - Surf/Black (Dark-winged) Scoter Species8,14848,314
FOTE - Forster's Tern2116,908
GADW - Gadwall1382
GBBG - Great Black-backed Gull16993
GBHE - Great Blue Heron2248
GLSC - Greater/Lesser Scaup291,043
GRSC - Greater Scaup58477
GWTE - Green-winged Teal2267,655
HERG - Herring Gull485,014
HOME - Hooded Merganser835
LAGU - Laughing Gull12834,122
LBBG - Lesser Black-backed Gull143
LESC - Lesser Scaup20698
LTDU - Long-tailed Duck19166
MALL - Mallard376
NOGA - Northern Gannet34664,706
NOPI - Northern Pintail201,117
NSHO - Northern Shoveler985
RBGU - Ring-billed Gull1,4644,573
RBME - Red-breasted Merganser127441
REDH - Redhead7103
ROYT - Royal Tern22,319
RTLO - Red-throated Loon12,91224,542
SCOTER-SP - Scoter Species9,99330,260
SNGO - Snow Goose78
SUSC - Surf Scoter6,51288,602
WWSC - White-winged Scoter38196

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