Hawkwatch, 31 October 2016

Today was a fine example of what a good front can produce throughout the latter portion of the hawk migration. Tallying almost 600 raptors today, we had views of both kettles (flocks of raptors) as well as great raptor diversity. From the early-season Osprey to the late-season Golden Eagle and Northern Goshawks observed today, it was a great day to be out at the hawkwatch! North winds persisted all day long today, bringing birds to our viewing vicinity (although just a bit high at times). Tomorrow's migration flight could possibly follow today's impressive migration. See you at the hawkwatch!

Juvenile Northern Harrier

Immature Golden Eagle

Merlin eyeing up the Tree Swallows

Bald Eagle

Feisty Carolina Wren patrolling its territory around the hawkwatching platform.

Northern Gannet seen from the hawkwatching platform this morning

Juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk migrating low.

Yellow-rumped Warblers are a stunning and common songbird species to see this time of year!

Totals from today.

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