Hawkwatch, 17 October 2016

The southern winds are continuing into yet another day. Over 200 raptors were tallied from the Cape May hawkcount today. A gorgeous Red-headed Woodpecker flew by the hawkwatching platform early in the morning. Following this uncommon visitor was a steady trickle of Sharp-shinned Hawks took place throughout the morning hours as well as the early afternoon. In addition to the raptors seen today there was  a Northern Gannet and dark morph Parasitic Jaeger seen from the platform. You never know what you'll see from the Cape May Hawkwatch!

Juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker migrating by today.

Osprey and a Rock Pigeon.

We saw many Osprey carrying fish today.

Southern Gray Tree Frog resting on the hawkwatching platform.

Very distant tagged Monarch.

Today's bird totals.

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