Avalon Seawatch, 7 October 2016

     It was another beautiful sun-filled day! Calm winds in the 7 to 10 mph range, warm 69 degree air, and clear skies made for excellent visibility. In the afternoon hazy clouds rolled in and covered the sky but the inshore and offshore visibility remained in good condition.

     Unfortunately, the birds were sparse. Todays count totaled in at 327 individuals. Even the Caspian and Royal Terns that frequent the Jetty edge throughout the day were only present for an hour or two in the afternoon. However, there were Ruddy Turnstones, Semipalmated Plovers, Sanderlings, and two Black-bellied Plovers foraging along the waters edge all day long. As I was scanning the skies I spotted a fin of an Ocean Sunfish waving at me from the distance and then bobbing back under the water only to reappear a few moments later.

     It was a quiet day but the birds should be flowing by Avalon in great numbers any day now! Follow along throughout the day through our live data page. Hope to see you at the seawtaching shack, sunrise to sunset, at 8th and 9th street beach in Avalon!

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