Hawkwatch, 7-8 October 2016

The past two days have been filled with northeast winds and influxes of raptors moving through the skies. The first half of today was rain-free and had a fairly steady movement of raptor migration.  Today's rain unfortunately put a halt to the push of raptors. Yesterday was filled with kettles of Sharp-shinned Hawks and a good flight of falcons. Once again Peregrine Falcons are the most common falcon of the day.

Tomorrow's forecast calls for strong north winds and rain falling primarily throughout the morning hours. Temps are expected to be seasonally cool. There could be a good movement of birds in the days to come, starting not long after the rain ceases. See you at the hawkwatch!

Just look at those "Christmas Lights" along the trailing edge of this male American Kestrel's wing!
Black Vulture (left) with a Turkey Vulture. 
Juvenile Broad-winged Hawk.

Rule of thumb for Tree Swallows: Always fly above the Peregrine Falcon.

Juvenile Peregrine Falcon.

Juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk

Birds from yesterday.

Birds from today.

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