Hawkwatch, 30 September 2016

Raptors were far-flying today as they pushed through the warm southwest winds. Red-shouldered Hawks are continuing to migrate through as Sharp-shinned Hawks flutter delicately off in the distance. Merlins flew by at their typical lightning-fast speeds. Although somewhat "slow," the atmosphere today was amazingly pleasant and comfortable. With fewer birds passing through today, every bird is savored just a little more! Tomorrow's forecast looks exciting with a major temperature drop and northwest winds starting tonight. From myself and the naturalists, we'd love to see you there tomorrow. Bring your binoculars and get ready to scan the skies!

Handsome Green-winged Teal
Cattle Egret

Eastern Bluebird outdoing those blue skies

Red-breasted Nuthatch on a mission!

Today's bird totals.

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