Hawkwatch, 9 October 2016

Today we completed another falcon triple-triple. That is where there are at least 100 of each American Kestrel, Merlin, and Peregrine Falcon tallied in a single day. The first half of today was gloomy. The pouring rain accompanied the oncoming cool front. The latter half of the day was drier but still had the blustery northern winds. The afternoon flight was quite impressive. The last migrating raptor was seen around 7pm tonight, quite late compared to many days of migration. 

Due to the big late afternoon flight today there is a good chance for an exciting early morning of migration tomorrow. The refreshing northern winds are quite welcomed. These north winds are expected to blow through all day long tomorrow, giving raptors a nice tail wind (with no expected rain). Dress warm and bring your binoculars to the Cape May Hawkwatch for this likely raptor-filled spectacle!

Peregrine Falcon flying above a Merlin.

Peregrine Falcon carrying a recently-caught male Tree Swallow.
Birds seen today.

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