Avalon Seawatch, 29 October 2016

     It was a beautiful and eventfull day at the seawatch! The morning was frosty but the air quickly warmed up into the high 50s. A calm southeast breeze turned gusty in the afternoon but brought the birds closer inshore for great visibilty. Surf and Black Scoters were flying close along the jetty and distinguishable with binoculars. Red Throated Loons were on the move again today but the Northern Gannets stole the show. Thousands of Gannets flew south past the sea watching shack today! The Gannets were reportedly on the move yesterday afternoon off the coast of Massachusetts and today they continued their flight southward with 4,043 individuals passing by South Jersey. Among the mix was also a Booby!

     By the end of the day the count totalled in at 15 thousand birds and there are lots more to come! Join us at the seawatch, sunrise to sunset, at 8th and 9th Street beach in Avalon.

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