Morning Flight, 29 September -- 3 October 2016

Taking in the last five days, we can feel the ebb and flow of migration through the Cape as viewed from atop the Higbee dike.  For this time we saw the first two days with inclement weather and also no flight found to be occurring.  The next two days, Saturday and Sunday, proved to be much better with a least a little flight of mid-season birds like Blackpoll and Palm Warblers, Dickcissel, Savannah Sparrow, and Rusty Blackbird. 

Today the morning flight was pulsing with good songbird assurance.  15 species of warblers with 79 northbound Blackpolls leading the way in numbers.  This was about half the number compared to last Wednesday's push.  Enjoy today's list.  Many cheerful visitors enjoyed so much of today's birds with me, and it was a real joy to be out there with y'all!

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