Hawkwatch, 28 October 2016

Northwest winds blew through the skies today as raptors fought to keep their flight going strong. The seasonally-cool day brought over 400 raptors along the Cape May Hawkwatch today. This morning started off with dozens of Northern Gannets migrating off shore as Sharp-shinned Hawks fluttered overhead. As the day progressed the thermal-loving Red-tailed Hawks soared through in good numbers. Good numbers of Northern Harriers frequently patrol along the lower edges of Bunker Pond in search of a meal as they migrate past the hawkwatch. There is so much life migrating through Cape May right now. Today's strong northwest winds could likely leave tomorrow with a fun flight of raptors. On a different note, it will be interesting to see if any western vagrants show up with the blustery and brief southwest winds expected to take place tomorrow. See you at the hawkwatch!

Adult female Northern Harrier

Adult male Northern Harrier, sometimes called a Gray Ghost.

Handsome male American Kestrel.

Sleek and powerful Peregrine Falcon

Adult Red-tailed Hawk hosting immature (pale) eyes.

Not all Red-tailed Hawks have red tails, such as this juvenile Red-tailed Hawk.

Adult sharp-shinned Hawk

Today's migrants.

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