Morning Flight, 10 October 2016

Today was chilly and terrific, fall-fresh and awe-inspiring, full of astounding movements on wings and heartened cheers by the birder-folk. Finally, this was a day where distant clouds were to the west and it was all clear on the eastern dawn.  The flightlines of Yellow-rumped Warblers were high, sweeping, and full of chaos at times. While the Blackpolls looked tired and stuck it to the phragmites and the road--low along with an onslaught of Palm Warblers, Northern Parulas, and kinglets.  These effects being new for the season was just a lesson in how a season at the dike goes, passes, continues to its end.  October always has some really strong cold fronts no matter what a Matthew or a Nicole out there would say about it and today was certainly one of those.

Species that flew to 2016 season maxima --- so far, that is--- were in evidence and these new highs (north-and-southbound combined) happened for: Northern Flicker (669), Brown Creeper (2), Golden-crowned Kinglet (30), kinglet sp. (21), American Pipit (18), Purple Finch (11), Blackpoll Warbler (171), Yellow-rumped Warbler (973), Palm Warbler (382), Black-throated Green Warbler (9), Chipping Sparrow (8), Brown-headed Cowbird (68), and Rusty Blackbird (8).

For warblers, 2851 northbound, with 17 species were counted today.  The large tally of 1221 warbler sp. were likely high and loose groups of predominantly Yellow-rumped Warbler.  

Here's a couple of list that break down the count further:

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