Morning Flight, 6-8 October 2016

During the last three days over 2000 songbirds (excluding large numbers of Tree Swallow from the count) have flown by the Higbee dike.  Northeast winds have continued, and still coastal migration to a lesser or greater extent has been in evidence every night for some 2 weeks now.  We had hoped to see a genuine, strong cold front come through tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon and evening, but it seems that the hurricanes to the south are having enough influence to probably well-impede the whole force of the cold front's winds from hitting the NJ coast.  Oh well, guess what?, we should still see a moderate flight hit the Cape for Monday!

The warbler diversity has been good with 19 species on Thursday, and highlighted by Orange-crowned and Connecticut Warblers on Thursday and Friday.  Blackpoll Warbler and Northern Parula numbers are remaining strong while Palm and Yellow-rumped Warblers continue to surge up as well.  Eastern Meadowlark was new for the season on Thursday, and exciting later-fall specialties like Dickcissel and Rusty Blackbird continue to pass with the morning flights.  

From today:

You can check out the action here:

and here:)

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