Seawatch, 22 September 2015

It was a great first day of the Seawatch season, with a strong movement of birds, probably aided by the strong easternly winds. Most of the movement occurred during the first couple hours of the day. The afternoon was markedly slower but still included some nice highlights such as 2 Common Eiders, a close Parasitic Jaeger, and 41 Black Skimmers.

Also worth noting is this season's addition of the beautiful, Seawatching shack, thanks to the city of Avalon. Located directly on the beach, between the 8th and 9th street accesses, stop by and pay it a visit!

Counter: Tom Reed
Total for the day: 2,688
Total birds for the season: 2,688
AMOY - American Oystercatcher22
BLSC - Black Scoter6262
BLSK - Black Skimmer4141
BOGU - Bonaparte's Gull11
BRAN - Brant11
CATE - Caspian Tern22
COEI - Common Eider22
COLO - Common Loon77
COTE - Common Tern22
DCCO - Double-crested Cormorant20432043

Surf/Black (Dark-winged) Scoter Species8181
FOTE - Forster's Tern66
GBBG - Great Black-backed Gull77
GBHE - Great Blue Heron11
GRCO - Great Cormorant11
GWTE - Green-winged Teal77
HERG - Herring Gull44
LAGU - Laughing Gull369369
LBBG - Lesser Black-backed Gull11
MERL - Merlin22
OSPR - Osprey22
PAJA - Parasitic Jaeger22
RBGU - Ring-billed Gull33
ROYT - Royal Tern2323
RTHU - Ruby-throated Hummingbird11
RUTU - Ruddy Turnstone11
SEPL - Semipalmated Plover11
STERNA-SP - Sterna Species1010
SUSC - Surf Scoter33

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