Morning Flight - Friday, September 7, 2018

 [One of 13 Black-and-white Warblers tallied this morning. Photo © Andrew Dreelin.]

A weak frontal passage and light west winds brought a fair, if condensed, songbird flight past the Higbee dike this morning. Things got off to a slow start, an unsurprising fact given the continuing high humidity and tropical dewpoints. Warblers really got rolling by about 7am and continued strongly for about an hour, with American Redstart (647) easily leading the pack. Also in the mix was the season's first Blackpoll Warbler, 75 Northern Waterthrushes, 30 Northern Parulas, 22 Red-breasted Nuthatches, 4 Cape May Warblers, a Blue-winged X Golden-winged Warbler, and a southbound Dickcissel.

 [This morning's blast of American Redstarts included a handful of flashy males. 
Photo © Andrew Dreelin.]

Non-count birds of note included multiple Caspian Terns, a mix of shorebirds, and a Common Nighthawk. It was also a good morning for dragonfly movement, headlined by a Striped Saddlebags (a very rare visitor from the South) that entertained us for several minutes around 9am before moving on. Count totals can be found here; a full list of all birds encountered here.

[This Striped Saddlebags provided some excitement at the end of today's count period. 
Photo © Tom Johnson.]

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