Hawkwatch - Monday, September 10, 2018

Today started off on a rainy note with strong east winds. A Merlin was seen chasing nearby songbirds through the falling raindrops. Masses of gulls and terns raced along the beach with grace. Black Skimmers migrated by in tight flocks, agreeing with each other with their "yup" call notes. Majestic swarms of Tree Swallows delved into the patches of bayberry, feeding frantically as the atmosphere churned. It was a crazy day of chaotic migration.

Some relief from the rain took place as the day came to a close. Winds calmed and rain ceased. With these drier conditions came flocks of still-lingering Purple Martins and additional masses of Tree Swallows. The skies were filled with birds!

A Cooper's Hawk patrols the bushes for migrant songbirds

Black Skimmers


Today's sightings

See you at the Cape May Hawk Watch,

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