Hawkwatch - Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Today's strong southeast winds were no match for those speedy Peregrine Falcons and Merlins. Over the course of the day 114 Peregrine Falcons were seen racing past the hawk watch, as were 105 Merlin and 103 Osprey (and a bunch of really cool birds). Most of the day's flight was far to our north, as a result of the blustery and warm winds out of the southeast.

First Common Loons of the season for this year's Cape May Hawk Watch.

Baltimore Oriole.


One of the 114 Peregrine Falcons that migrated past the Cape May Hawkwatch yesterday!


Osprey past the lighthouse!

Another Peregrine Falcon, for good measure!

Today's totals.

Hope to see you at the hawk watch!
Erik Bruhnke

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