Hawkwatch - Friday, September 7, 2018

Slightly cooler temps and drier winds today created a welcoming atmosphere for raptors to race over Cape May. 

The day started out with over 2,300 Bobolink flying high over the hawkwatching platform. As the morning progressed, trickles of American Kestrels made themselves known. Their fluttery wings swayed them throughout the skies as Osprey numbers increased. By mid-afternoon, over 100 Osprey had been seen migrating by for the day. A few Merlin wreaked havoc among the other migrating raptors. This small falcon species is known for their attitude. Several of the Merlin and American Kestrels seen today were feasting on-the-wing as they flew by with dragonflies in their talons.

Another special treat from today's flight of raptors is knowing we surpassed 1,000 raptors for this fall's hawk count. We're in the early part of raptor migration for the area, and there are many more raptors to come! The fun and intensity of migration is just beginning...

Merlin migrating overhead with a Common Green Darner

Cope's Gray Tree Frog

Belted Kingfisher

Osprey and Dragonfly

Today's sightings

Tomorrow's forecast is calling for a slight chance of rainy conditions in the early morning hours, followed with a lower chance of rain and increasing northeast winds as the day progresses. It could be an interesting day in store for raptors, as well as songbirds and the birds of the vast waters. See you at the hawkwatch!


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