Hawkwatch - Monday, September 3, 2018

Even with south winds and toasty-warm air, raptors continued to migrate through the southernmost tip of New Jersey. As nearby raptors approach the Cape May Hawk Watch platform from the north, many of them were seen flying high in the sky at impeccable distances. It was a good day to study specks of migrating raptors. Here are a few moments from today.

Three Lesser Yellowlegs are seen flying by early this morning over Bunker Pond.

Belted Kingfisher

Green Heron


Osprey migrating over the hawkwatch platform.

I'll be keeping a tally on how much "released litter" is seen flying through the air this fall.
Balloons blow, please do not let them go!

Today's sightings

Tomorrow's forecast includes light and dry northwest winds. Bring on the birds! Hope to see you at the platform!

Good hawkwatching,
Erik Bruhnke

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