Hawkwatch - Friday, September 28, 2018

Today was a stellar day to see so. many. birds. All from the platform! A solid day of raptor migration took place all day long, and the evening hours streamed Peregrine Falcons and Merlins through at impressive rates. Sharp-shinned Hawks swirled high in the sky, and a few Cooper's Hawks flew by too. Songbirds were all over... high, low, and sometimes among the raptors. Today visitors experienced thousands upon thousands of Tree Swallows dazzling the cloudy skies. It's a mesmerizing spectacle to behold! By the end of the day 514 Chimney Swifts had been tallied from the hawkwatch. We were only four Chimney Swifts short of setting a state high count!

Tomorrow's forecast is looking fantastic for an exciting flight of raptors. When I wrapped up today, raptors were migrating late into the evening hours. Often time this can translate into busy mornings of migration. With day two of northwest winds and now sunny skies, who knows what will show up tomorrow. Bring your binoculars and join in the fun as fall migration takes place.

We're getting some Broad-winged Hawks migrating by, thanks to these fantastic west winds!
Just look at these stunners!

Tree Swallows galore over town!

Blue Jays flying by us hawkwatching folks. 

Handsome little male American Kestrel, showing off his "white Christmas lights."

Merlin, the mid-sized falcon.

Adult Peregrine Falcon.s

Today's totals.
Good hawkwatching,
Erik Bruhnke

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