Hawkwatch - Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The first half of today was fairly slow due to southwest winds following yesterday's southeast winds. A few Osprey and mix of falcons were seen trickling throughout the earlier part of the day. The last few hours of the day took off with exceptional excitement...

As the day was coming to a close, the Osprey flight began accelerating, both in numbers and in the speed at which these beautiful water-dwelling raptors were moving through. Lines of Osprey sheared to the north while streams of Osprey were seen departing from downtown Cape May, only to be seen as mere specs over the ocean. Around 4pm the winds began to change (finally) to northwest. The first true cool front was approaching! Subtle whisps blew through, cooling the senses and bringing birds by the minute. By the end of the day ending just before 6pm, refreshingly cool winds were bringing a stunning spectacle of blackened skies to the north, lightning over the ocean, and booming thunder all over. The Osprey flight continued into the downpour that closed down the evening. It was a magical and memorable experience!!

Osprey flying over Bunker Pond.

Quiz Bird. Just look at that sleek and angular profile!

Adult Peregrine Falcon

Today's sightings.

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