Hawkwatch, November 26 2016

We had a fantastic day scanning the skies from the hawkwatch. Late November is part of the migration when counts are not typically huge but can be pleasantly good, and northwest winds brought many birds through the skies to our delight. Ninety raptors were tallied today, including a juvenile Northern Goshawk! Earlier in the morning not one, not two, but fourteen Sandhill Cranes were seen overhead. Sandhill Cranes are typically seen in migration west of here through the Great Lakes and into the prairies. The howling west winds from earlier in the week may have pushed them here. Fourteen Sandhill Cranes is the largest concentration of this species ever documented at the Cape May Hawkwatch. You never know what is going to show up! Tomorrow's forecast is the second day in a row of northwest winds and sunny skies. There is a chance it could be another great day. See you at the hawkwatch.

Fourteen Sandhill Cranes!

Juvenile Northern Goshawk.

Cave Swallow in the evening light.

Cedar Waxwings.

Iceland Gull.

Northern Harrier checking out the edges of Bunker Pond.

Swing and a miss. The Northern Harrier takes a breather in the water alongside a potential meal.

First raptor of the day, an adult male Northern Harrier.

Each of us can do our own part in making the world a better place. Please properly dispose of waste fishing line. This Ring-billed Gull picked at its leg while flying past the hawkwatch with fishing line and a hook caught on its leg.

Birds seen today.

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