Avalon Seawatch, 19 November 2016

     There was a great flight this morning with over 8 thousand birds within the first two hours of the day. It was a little foggy in the morning but it quickly cleared and turned out to be a beautiful day. Temperatures rose to the low 60s and the wind came from the south east. Today's count totalled in at 24,370 birds. It was a good day for viewing Black Scoters and Red Throated Loons which flew close to the shoreline. Below are today's totals and the season totals.

SpeciesCount todaySeason totalSeason maximum
American Oystercatcher22514910/24/2016
American Wigeon11427010/27/2016
Black Duck59110524610/24/2016
Black Scoter146771349061467711/19/2016
Bonaparte's Gull5145379511/14/2016
Common Eider951911/19/2016
Common Loon8128937610/24/2016
dabbling duck sp.1843811/5/2016
Double-crested Cormorant3831349231015110/11/2016
Forster's Tern4482949010/6/2016
Great Black-backed Gull106304810/21/2016
Great Blue Heron239021310/24/2016
Greater / Lesser Scaup373075811/12/2016
Greater Scaup4548810111/5/2016
Green-winged Teal (American)2616787175810/27/2016
Herring Gull1891810010/21/2016
Hooded Merganser212711/12/2016
Horned Grebe116410/30/2016
Laughing Gull19618251159211/1/2016
Lesser Scaup363388911/5/2016
Northern Gannet167530898532011/1/2016
Northern Pintail9206466810/18/2016
Parasitic Jaeger41602010/27/2016
Red-breasted Merganser101723211/7/2016
Red-throated Loon275231518728511/12/2016
Ring-billed Gull202224546511/15/2016
Ring-necked Duck1312111/1/2016
Royal Tern4141124011/1/2016
Surf Scoter2472769951031011/1/2016
Surf/Black Scoter145127199411511/1/2016
Wood Duck1470520711/1/2016

     Join us at the seawatch, everyday, sunrise to sunset, at 8th and 9th street beach in Avalon.

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