Hawkwatch, 9 November 2016

Intermittent rain and overcast skies were no match for a cool array of birds that moved through today. Nineteen beautiful Northern Harriers (traditionally called Marsh Hawks) migrated through. In the mid morning a thick-winged accipiter took flight and made an appearance low over Bunker Pond. Using its thick tail and heavy-winged profile, this Northern Goshawk plowed through the air. They are a sizeable and impressive raptor, hosting a beautiful array of markings and structural differences between them and their two smaller counterparts, the Sharp-shinned Hawk and Cooper's Hawk. 

Sunny skies along with cool and dry northwest winds are expected tomorrow. Stop on by and see what late season birds are migrating through. Tomorrow could be a good day for migration.

Juvenile Northern Goshawk showing those beautiful deep wings, thick tail, and large head.
Note the tawny wing bars, a unique feature found in Northern Goshawk.

Northern Goshawk have densely-marked undersides, including streaked undertail coverts.

Juvenile Northern Goshawk, such a beautiful bird. Note the thick profile of this bird.

Northern Goshawk raising a fuss with a perched Peregrine Falcon.

Drake Eurasian Wigeon.

Northern Gannet. Immature on the left and adult on the right.

First bird of the day, a gray ghost (adult male Northern Harrier)!

It's getting late in the season for Osprey. Here is the first of two that flew by today.

Totals from today.

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