Hawkwatch, 12 November 2016

Going along with today's northern winds were many Bald Eagles along with kettles of Red-tailed Hawks, Red-shouldered Hawks, and Turkey Vultures. Overall it was a great day of hawkwatching. A total of 366 raptors were counted from the platform today. One tailless Turkey Vulture was spotted among the fellow road-cleaning companions. The raptors seen today came through in a wide range of altitude, some being high up in the sky and some being quite close to the ground. 

Tomorrow's forecast consists of west winds and sunny skies. It's fun to ponder how many birds may be north of us with the recent cold front, and how the winds will affect their flight path tomorrow. See you at the hawkwatch!

Tailless Turkey Vulture

Bald Eagle

Cooper's Hawk

Adult Red-shouldered Hawk

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk

Today's bird totals

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