Avalon Seawatch, 12 November 2016

     The morning started with temperatures just below freezing. The 30 degree air warmed with the abundant sunshine to 41 degrees by midday and the North West wind remained relatively calm. There was a great flight of Red Throated Loons in the afternoon and Scoters flew at all distances on many different flight patterns. Today's count brought our season total to 510 thousand birds!

SpeciesCount todaySeason totalSeason maximum
Aythya sp.7191210/31/2016
Black Duck3898524610/24/2016
Black Scoter66511075921409211/8/2016
Bonaparte's Gull6252116911/5/2016
Common Eider337711/6/2016
Common Loon26113037610/24/2016
dabbling duck sp.20833811/5/2016
Double-crested Cormorant60241285141015110/11/2016
Forster's Tern72446149010/6/2016
Greater / Lesser Scaup582375811/12/2016
Greater Scaup3241710111/5/2016
Green-winged Teal (American)4406341175810/27/2016
Herring Gull482310010/21/2016
Hooded Merganser77711/12/2016
Horned Grebe113410/30/2016
Laughing Gull9617411159211/1/2016
Lesser Scaup212578911/5/2016
Northern Gannet184124131532011/1/2016
Northern Pintail25204566810/18/2016
Parasitic Jaeger11452010/27/2016
Red-breasted Merganser171403211/7/2016
Red-throated Loon728517734728511/12/2016
Ring-billed Gull228120422811/12/2016
Royal Tern2139624011/1/2016
scoter sp.413931249685811/7/2016
Surf Scoter1267718441031011/1/2016
Surf/Black Scoter246423165411511/1/2016
Wood Duck1268520711/1/2016

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