Hawkwatch, 19 November 2016

South winds created a little bit of a migration barrier today and the birds persisted. We saw raptors migrate throughout today, with numbers lower than yesterday likely due in part to the wind direction. It was a pleasant day at the hawkwatch with sun illuminating all of the birds that flew by. A late season American Kestrel flapped through the blue sky as Sharp-shinned Hawks rushed low over the tree tops.

Tomorrow is calling for forceful winds out of the northwest. This approaching cold front has swept through much of the upper Great Lakes and central Canada. The next few days of prevailing northwest winds could be interesting. Bundle up and see you at the hawkwatch as we scan for hardy northern raptors!

American Kestrel. Look for their "slappy banana peel" wingbeats!

Great Blue Heron coming in for a landing.

Today's totals.

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