Hawkwatch, 11 November 2016

From Monarchs to Snow Buntings, today was a fun day to scan the skies from the hawkwatch. Four species of swallows (Cave, Cliff, Barn, Tree) were documented today as was a late season Baltimore Oriole. Red-tailed Hawks of varying ages as well as Bald Eagles were seeing soaring well over the platform. The first bird of the day was an incredibly handsome Gray Ghost (adult male Northern Harrier)! His silver and white wings complimented the bouncing-basketballs-with-the-wingtips behavior.

Tomorrow's weather conditions look favorable for a push of raptors. The winds are expected to be sustained out of the north and northwest. In addition to these good winds we'll have temps starting in the upper 30's, peaking in the 40's. These seasonally-cool temperatures will likely be sparking migration well north of here, with both raptors and non-raptors alike. Binoculars, hot chocolate, and layering up will make for a pleasant day of scanning the skies tomorrow. See you at the hawkwatch!

One of five Snow Buntings seen today. They are such beautiful birds.

Baltimore Oriole.

Barn Swallow.

Cave Swallow.

Northern Flicker.


Eastern Meadowlark.

Sightings from the hawkwatch today.

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