Hawkwatch - Sunday, September 24, 2017

Despite the southern component of winds, today's raptor movement racked up throughout the morning and afternoon hours. Much of the raptor flight took place to the far north of the platform, often near the limit of binocular view. Even with the distant flight, several raptors were seen flying quite close to the platform.

Several Northern Harriers and Osprey were seen flying by at dawn. Some of the last raptors of the day were Merlins and Peregrine Falcons flying by at eye level.

Immature Northern Harrier

Glossy Ibis


Immature Peregrine Falcon 

River Otter foraging in Bunker Pond this morning

We found this balloon on Bunker Pond today. This was the first of three balloons (flying litter) seen today.
Please do not let balloons go.
Today's totals

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