Hawkwatch - Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy Monday, everyone. The raptor flight was on the slower side today and most movement was high overhead or far over the treeline. We were lucky to see a few close(ish) views of all three falcons, a Bald Eagle successfully harassing an Osprey for its fish, and a trio of Glossy Ibis that took a rest on Bunker Pond.


Daily Raptor Counts: Sep 11, 2017
SpeciesDay's CountMonth TotalSeason Total
Black Vulture000
Turkey Vulture04444
Bald Eagle84242
Northern Harrier12626
Sharp-shinned Hawk124343
Cooper's Hawk126363
Northern Goshawk000
Red-shouldered Hawk011
Broad-winged Hawk2147147
Red-tailed Hawk42020
Rough-legged Hawk000
Golden Eagle000
American Kestrel36320320
Peregrine Falcon11717
Unknown Accipiter000
Unknown Buteo000
Unknown Falcon000
Unknown Eagle000
Unknown Raptor000
Mississippi Kite011


Glossy Ibis flying away after hanging out on Bunker Pond.

A Tree Swallow going after a little morsel.

Not a bird! This White-tailed Deer was feeding right in front of the platform early this morning.

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