Hawkwatch - Saturday September 16, 2017

This morning started out in dense fog and it took a while for the fog to lift. Once the breeze and sun dissipated the fog, American Kestrels and a few Merlin began soaring by. The excitement of migration took place quite late in the morning but the thrill kept constant all afternoon long.

As a hawk counter, it was a thrilling day to count the count. Raptors were pooling in from the west, the east, and the north. The migratory chaos is fantastic to experience as raptors meander and mingle upon each other.

Today was a great day to study raptor flight and behavior as these birds flew near and far. American Kestrels put on an exciting show, at times pestering early season Sharp-shinned Hawks and at times being pestered by Merlins.  The rare Wood Stork made five different appearances today, with each pass becoming closer than the last. Our day ended with a two Peregrine Falcons spiraling high in the sky as a close American Bittern fed along the closest shores of Bunker Pond. See you at the hawkwatch!

Wood Stork seen extra close today!
Merlin stirring up the birds like they often do!
Keep your eyes out for these fast-flying falcons in the week to come.
American Bittern. Can you find it?

Released balloons are litter, and are dangerous to many animals.
This balloon was documented from the hawkwatch today. Balloons blow, please do not let them go!

Today's totals. We had a fun day of falcons!

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