Hawkwatch, 30 September 2016

Despite on and off drizzle that turned into steady rain several times, today was a successful and high intensity day for hawkwatching. Strong breezes out of the northeast rushed raptors and nonraptors through at lightning-fast speeds. A Peregrine Falcon took the crowd's breath away as it darted from one side of Bunker Pond to the other in less than a full second. It was incredible to see the stealth and sheer speed of this beautiful raptor!

As we begin to push into early October, Peregrine Falcon flights have the potential to really shine. Keep your eyes out for this raptor shearing through the skies and low over the dunes. Due to their exceptionally aerodynamic form and muscular build Peregrine Falcons seem to migrate through inclement weather with ease. Merlin, the slightly smaller cousin of the Peregrine Falcon, also follow this trend of pushing through the current rainy conditions.

A Peregrine Falcon approaches the Cape May Lighthouse.

Juvenile Peregrine Falcon of the tundrius race migrating overhead.

Today's totals.

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