Morning Flight, 23-24 September 2016

Two more good days at the peak of the neotropical migrant season continue to build into the season's data.  Yesterday,165 northbound warblers of 15 species including Connecticut and Wilson's and a Red-headed Woodpecker were nice highlights.

Today was cloudy, cool, and interesting because it was all about the warblers.  774 out of the 975 birds counted total (including some raptors and waterbirds) were northbound warblers.  They broke out into 19 species with 228 mostly being higher and counted as "spuhs" or warbler sp.  154 Palm Warbler, 127 Northern Parula, 94 American Redstart, a whopping 52 Cape May Warbler, and 37 Blackpoll Warbler rounded down the numbers highlights.  Eastern Phoebe and American Pipit were new for the season. 

Friday, 23 Sept 2016

Saturday, 24 Sept 2016

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