Morning Flight, 12-15 September 2016

Mid-month, and now thats one month fully behind us at the 2016 Morning Flight Project.  It has been a great one with very few truly slow days. See the link at the bottom for the summary totals so far this year with peak occurrences and species time range, thanks to our partner!

12 Sept 2016
-light NE wind, few clouds-
A nice flight with a robust diversity of the typical seasonal Morning Flight species plus a little raptor flight. 490 northbound warblers of 20 species including 2 Connecticut Warblers. Also, the first Warbling Vireo and second Purple Finch of the year. 83 northbound American Goldfinch was also the first prominent push for the little "potato chips".

13 Sept 2016
-light SE wind, warm-
A much slower day than the 12th, but with some fun stuff like Common Loon, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, and Eastern Wood-Pewee.

14 Sept 2016
-light SSW wind-
Ughh, now today is even slower with 59 individual landbirds counted total.

15 Sept 2016
First-off, A million Thanks to HUGH SIMMONS for having a little fun for us all while he ably whacked down phragmites atop the Higbee Dike that were threatening to obscure the next good look at a Wilson's Warbler or Common Yellowthroat, hopping and sneaking their way by.  Your work, Hugh, looks great and is appreciated by future Morning Flight visitors.

-strong NE wind, many low clouds, cool and fall-feeling-
This was a little bit of a surprise 'sleeper' flight that swept down the NE coast. A really nice and challenging day with 1 Connecticut Warbler and 23 Cape May Warbler among 16 species.

Here is what the season looks like so far:

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