Hawkwatch, 10 September 2016

Today's south winds made for fun flights of birds. The raptor migration came through at a slower rate, most likely due to the headwinds that these large birds encountered. Even with the strong headwinds there were non-raptors which had other plans in the Cape May area. This morning's sky was filled with Bobolinks. Their soft soft "ping" call notes were heard as their golden-yellow bellies were seen from below. A total of 1265 Bobolinks were tallied migrating by the hawkwatching platform today. A total of 24 migrating raptors were tallied today.

Bobolinks flying by.

 Today's totals.

Winds are expected to come out of the west by mid-morning followed with northwest winds throughout the rest of the day. It will be exciting to see what birds move through the skies tomorrow as this cool front passes. See you at the platform!

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