Morning Flight, 16-17 September 2016

Here's the fix on the last two days.  Winds haven't been ideal, but perhaps you just can't stop some migration flow when the calendar says it's the middle of September and neotropical migrants should be at their overall peak in numbers and diversity through the mid-Atlantic region.  

Friday, Sept. 16, seemed to follow this logic where Tom Reed counted a small but significant showing of 401 individual landbirds of 43 species in migration.  There was a really nice showing of 'neotropicals' with 159 warblers of 17 species. Two Philadelphia Vireos were counted, along with the season's first Ruby-crowned Kinglet. 

Today, the 17th, held very little in the way of morning flight.  Most of the 36 warblers, including 10 Palm and 6 Northern Waterthrush flew back and forth from the southern to northern ends of the west side (that's where we watch from) of the dredge spoil that is the illustrious Higbee Dike.

We're looking out for Monday to be a very fine migration day, with rain potentially impending to make for a more- or less-heavy migration day than a clear day might produce. 

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