Morning Flight, 22 September 2016

There was a fantabulous morning flight again for the second day in a row!

Flying today were 502 northbound warblers of 19 species in about 3 hours, compared to yesterday with 523 northbound warblers of 20 species in 4 hours.  The main difference today was that the sun was out on the horizon at dawn (something the clouds have foiled about 35/39 days so far this season!) and it died down today much earlier.  However during yesterday's 4th hour the major movers were Cape May and Palm Warblers, known for later morning flying in the fall.  

Wind forecasting alone would prove ineffective in predicting this prominent fall flight/arrival this morning.  The radar backed the story up, in full, this time and the conditions were awesome this morning!  More early sun meant better looks at pattern and coloration of the birds.  Many still did fly into the northeast-ish wind like yesterday, but we also got treated to a well-lit and active western flightline today.  

The many highlights include: 2 Eastern Wood-Pewee, 30 Red-eyed Vireo, 83 American Redstart beaten out by 95 Northern Parula (can happen in second half of September), beaten out still by 112 Palm Warbler ("mid-autumn" for warblers is here folks!), 3 Bay-breasted Warbler, and 17 Indigo Bunting.

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