Morning Flight, 19 September 2016

What I say yesterday? 'Today was slow'? Yeah, OK, well today was slower than slow, the slowest day for morning flight for the season.  But that does not mean it wasn't a good day birding!?  What!? No Morning Flight!?  Yeah, you heard me.  It was STILL good!  

What I mean is BAM, a big, young Peregrine Falcon, and fall can give you a super still, close-minded shot of it screaming by. 

Waiting for something else to disturb the blue-ish white and gray sheets of incoming pluvial enrichment, Solitary Sandpiper skating away across the bay. 

The Cape May (cape may warbler) was to the south today, but thought better of a full sweep across the hopeful dreary to alight in the highest canopy to the west I could see.  

Talk of these and many other things is something I can only thank the great folks who come to Morning Flight to experience the enchanting varieties of perception through birding.

(Give me a break, I said it was a slow day)

And here's the list:

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