Hawkwatch, 9 September 2016

Today's warm conditions didn't stop us from having a great time atop the hawkwatching platform. Numerous sightings of overhead Osprey delighted us. Peregrine Falcons and Merlin checked Bunker Pond for meals as these strong-winged raptors migrated by. Northern Harriers patrolled the beaches with their beautiful bounding wingbeats.

Bunker pond's water level is quite low this fall which has made for great shorebird habitat. An uncommon-for-the-area Wilson's Phalarope (shown below) made a brief appearance. The top center bird is the Wilson's Phalarope. The next two birds clockwise from the phalarope are Stilt Sandpipers. The other four individuals in the photo are Lesser Yellowlegs.

A total of 37 migrating raptors were tallied today from the hawkwatching platform. Below is a compilation of all of the birds seen migrating past the hawkwatching platform today.

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