Morning Flight, 27-28 September 2016

Let's just forget about yesterday.  It drizzled most of the time and only four birds did anything morning flight-ish.  

But today...  oh today was wonderful.  Songbirds continued to fight the east wind and come pass through the count today, and possibly the oceanic passage proven for Blackpoll Warbler was brought to the shore to give us the highest count of the species thus far for the season with 164.  Blackpoll was the most abundant, followed by Palm Warbler (73) and Northern Parula (46).  The 15 species of warblers also included Northern Waterthrush, Tennessee, Nashville, Cape May, Magnolia, and Pine Warblers.

Other cool birds were goin' on too.  A Brown Thrasher got 4 meters up over the phrags and road and flew more than halfway up the impoundment edge.  A Summer Tanager dove for cover right in front of us watchers.  I was truly not-non-plussed (I think that made-up word means impressed and pleased) to see 4 Dickcissels, in their own flock, call and pass north along the road, just to the west of the Higbee dike.  Most I had ever seen together before was 2. 

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