Morning Flight, 1-11 September 2016

A wonderful "Jupiter" sunrise from this morning
Photo by: Glen Davis

Let's catch up on the action during the first third of September.  There's only been one bona fide cold front during this period (Sept, 2) but a light to moderate movement of songbirds has been noticeable every one of the days.  

Here's the day-to-day, play-by-play:

1 Sept, 
-hot with light W wind-
Very slow with only 13 birds of any type counted, although 2/13 were an Ovenbird and a Worm-eating Warbler.

2 Sept
-cool with strong NNE wind-
For warblers and Red-breasted Nuthatch, our Big Morning of the season, thus far. 1,489 warblers of 18 species, including 1,021 American Redstart and 95 Northern Parula. Add to that 71 "little nert nert" nuthatches and a great variety of other migrants like Eastern Wood-Pewee, Tennessee, Cape May, Blackburnian, Blackpoll, and Black-throated Green Warblers, Scarlet Tanager, and Dickcissel-- well counted by Tom Reed.

3 Sept
-warm, but very strong ENE wind-
A much slower but interesting day with 90% fewer warblers than the previous day. The birds were zipping and darting chaotically in the heavy wind.  An awesome highlight was a WESTERN KINGBIRD that briefly perched in the trees just south of the Higbee Dike.

4 Sept
-more weak frontal activity with a strong (15 mph) NE wind-
Over 250 warblers of 16 species, including Blue-winged Warbler.

5 Sept
-similar to previous day-
Warbler numbers dropping a little from the day before to about 200 individuals.  218 Cedar Waxwings and the first Connecticut Warbler for the season at Morning Flight. 

6 Sept
-cool with moderate NNW wind, but Tropical Storm Hermine seemed to put a damper on regional migration-
Moderate numbers of decent variety (742 individuals of 32 species) including the season's first Bay-breasted Warbler and Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

7 Sept
-moderate NW winds, but TS Hermine was still potentially interfering with coastal passage migration-
A nice count of 107 Baltimore Orioles, also Wilson's Warbler.

8 Sept
-light SW winds with some fog-
~600 birds of 42 "landbird species" including Alder Flycatcher.  An adult Least Tern was a fairly late record as well.

9 Sept
-warm with light SW wind-
A slow day.... 31 American Robin was a nice count, along with Dickcissel.  Counted by Tom Reed

10 Sept
-warm with light S-SW wind, lots of mid-altitude cloud cover-
Something was in that thick air that morning, with the awesome "ochraceous" outrageousness of 6,301 SOUTHBOUND BOBOLINK.  At least 150 flocks numbering 10-200 flew a steady stream south and were a joy to see and enumerate.  If the same flight had occurred under clear skies then the search of the "Binks" in the sky wouldve been quite the challenge!

11 Sept
-light SW wind-
Bobolinks tempering down to 717 southbound.  What's interesting is that Bobolink numbers at the Hawkwatch today are already higher than the total there yesterday.  Morning Flight must've had Bobolinks on a more western flightline on Sept, 10.

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