Seawatch, 20 December 2015

Primary Counter, Skye Haas enjoyed his last day as the Bonaparte's Gull show continued Sunday up at the Avalon Seawatch, smashing this season's daily high count record with over 4,000! A Black-legged Kittiwake was an added bonus.
Counter: Skye Haas
Total for the day: 8,008
Total birds for the season: 1,021,042

12/20Season Totals
BLKI - Black-legged Kittiwake125
BLSC - Black Scoter684150,196
BOGU - Bonaparte's Gull4,4008,023
BRAN - Brant26,095
BUFF - Bufflehead231,188
COEI - Common Eider875
COGO - Common Goldeneye129
COLO - Common Loon41,886
DCCO - Double-crested Cormorant25187,823
DWSC-SP - Surf/Black (Dark-winged) Scoter Species11980,418
GBBG - Great Black-backed Gull21,455
GRCO - Great Cormorant2106
HERG - Herring Gull1219,890
HOME - Hooded Merganser6111
LAGU - Laughing Gull238,590
LBBG - Lesser Black-backed Gull261
LTDU - Long-tailed Duck1511,508
NOGA - Northern Gannet249145,469
RAZO - Razorbill142
RBGU - Ring-billed Gull62814,352
RBME - Red-breasted Merganser191,353
RTLO - Red-throated Loon559106,750
SCOTER-SP - Scoter Species69262,898
SNGO - Snow Goose2282,537
SUSC - Surf Scoter45128,188
UNDU - Duck Species192,334
WWSC - White-winged Scoter15779

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