Avalon Seawatch, 8 December 2016

    West winds stayed calm throughout the day and the temperature rose to 40 degrees. Clouds covered the sky but visibility wasn't bad. Today's count totaled in at just over 1,600 birds with Double Crested Cormorants, Red Throated Loons, and Scoters making up the majority of the count.

SpeciesCount todaySeason totalSeason maximum
Black Duck4145124610/24/2016
Black Scoter1311752021558311/24/2016
Common Loon8143737610/24/2016
Double-crested Cormorant3071470621015110/11/2016
Great Black-backed Gull28134810/21/2016
Greater / Lesser Scaup74775811/12/2016
Horned Grebe1561811/22/2016
Laughing Gull319310159211/1/2016
Long-tailed Duck638614411/22/2016
Northern Gannet3557889614311/24/2016
Red-breasted Merganser1165112212/5/2016
Red-throated Loon25966391729311/24/2016
Ring-billed Gull87140151511/22/2016
scoter sp.21940215685811/7/2016
Surf Scoter267908321031011/1/2016
Surf/Black Scoter35833463411511/1/2016
Tundra Swan7863311/21/2016

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