Avalon Seawatch, 2 December 2016

     Today's count held clear skies, great visibility, and a moderate breeze from the west. The high temperature was 50 degrees but the abundant sunshine made the air feel warmer. Around 2,600 birds were counted with the majority being Red Throated Loons (1,606). For the second day in a row a burst of just over 500 Loons came late morning passing by in less than a minute. It was also a day filled with whales! There were sightings all throughout the day of three, maybe four, Humpback Whales lunge feeding and rolling out of the water less then 2 miles offshore. A Minke Whale was also sighted early in the morning!

     Come join us at the  seawatch! We are located at 8th and 9th street beach in Avalon everyday from sunrise to sunset. 

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