Avalon Seawatch, 22 December 2016

     The season has officially ended! After 92 days of counting migrating water birds from Avalon's beautiful beaches a total of 776,412 individuals were counted moving south for the winter. Today's total  was 662 birds with most being Scoters. The weather was amazing for our last day, with temperatures in the 50s and wind light and variable. Visibility was also great! Click the link below to see our totals and peak counts for the season on the trektellen website:


     Throughout the season we had lots of visitors and volunteers helping with the count and we owe an immense amount of gratitude for their company and support! A huge thanks to Gail Dwyer for spending endless afternoons and frigid cold days by my side and admiring full fledged migration at the seawatch. Hope to see everyone next year on 8th and 9th street beach in Avalon for another season of counting migration!

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