Avalon Seawatch, 7 December 2016

     Today's north winds brought cloudy skies, misty precipitation, and few birds. A total of 2,269 birds were counted with slight pulses of Scoters and Loons in the afternoon. Snow Goose and Tundra Swan were seen flying high overhead and Purple Sandpiper fed along the jetty rocks. Attached below is a more complete breakdown of today's sightings and the season totals.

SpeciesCount todaySeason totalSeason maximum
Black Duck4144724610/24/2016
Black Scoter6891750711558311/24/2016
Common Eider1881812/5/2016
Common Loon3142937610/24/2016
Double-crested Cormorant341467551015110/11/2016
Great Black-backed Gull78114810/21/2016
Greater Scaup1273710111/5/2016
Herring Gull3155119711/24/2016
Horned Grebe1551811/22/2016
Laughing Gull419307159211/1/2016
Lesser Scaup25408911/5/2016
Long-tailed Duck1438014411/22/2016
Northern Gannet10557854614311/24/2016
Northern Pintail1211666810/18/2016
Red-breasted Merganser1664012212/5/2016
Red-throated Loon27866132729311/24/2016
Ring-billed Gull177132151511/22/2016
Royal Tern1144024011/1/2016
scoter sp.7439996685811/7/2016
Snow Goose2726116612/5/2016
Surf Scoter572905651031011/1/2016
Surf/Black Scoter37833105411511/1/2016
Tundra Swan11793311/21/2016

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