Morning Flight - Wednesday, November 7, 2018

With light westerly switching to northwesterly winds overnight, we had an enjoyable November flight at Higbee this morning. 3,330 northbound American Robins were the most abundant mover of the morning, and while Hermit Thrushes were content to just call on the ground, Eastern Bluebirds picked up in notable numbers by the count’s standards. We had our peak movement of them for the season so far, with 69 northbound individuals, although there were likely more, since they are often quite high when flying over the dike and hearing them call is the best way to find them. A Dickcissel was the other best heard bird of the morning, as we haven't had one in awhile.

The Yellow-rump train seems to have finally run out of steam. Despite the westerly winds and good numbers of robins flying, we had “only” 166 northbound as opposed to a few thousand. Finches, however, continue to move in some numbers, as we had 100 Purple Finches, 43 American Goldfinches, 34 House Finches, and 40 Pine Siskins (all going north except for the siskins, which were mostly southbound). The end of the first week of week of November certainly has a different flavor to it. Still, there are birds moving, and I’ll be here to count them, at least for a bit more yet!

As always, you can find our official count totals on Trektellen here, and our complete eBird checklist of the day’s observations here.

Bring on the next day!

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