Morning Flight, 22 August 2016

The count was made today in a cool, gusty atmosphere that was so delightful to feel, contrasting with August's typical weather catalog.  Powerful ~20 mph winds were brought to bear across the region last night, perhaps a little too strong to produce full Neotropical splendor, that is-- large diversity and numbers of long-distance migrants.  Or was it perhaps the lingering precipitation in a large zone in the northeast that could have somewhat squelched large lift-off-headed-our-way?

Barn Swallow may arguably be the longest distance passerine migrant in the world ("passerine" = Phylum Passeriformes = songbirds).  At least their summer and winter ranges stretch farthest north and south, and they totally command aerial respect.  They are amazingly efficient physically and physiologically.  Today was the only day so far with very strong winds and also the only day where all swallow movement was north at Morning Flight.  Hmm...  perhaps the "Barnies" were drifting or trying to avoid drifting out over the ocean and following the geographic contours of the Cape May Peninsula?  Eastern Kingbird, Cedar Waxwing, and Bobolink shared the flight-lines with the swallows today.  Could they have been up to something similar?

EDIT**--  I forgot-- Massive Kudos!! to Richard Crossley and Tom Johnson for their skill with our lovely Lark Sparrow this AM.  -GD

Conditions are looking terrific for another try tonight!  Get ready for LIFT-OFF!!!

SpeciesMonday, 22 AUGSeason totalSeason maximum
NorthSouthNorthSouthNorth onlyDate(s)
American Goldfinch309738/16/2016
American Redstart140794458/20/2016
American Robin3010348/19/2016
Baltimore Oriole106058/19/2016
Bank Swallow101818/22/2016
Barn Swallow461127446678/19/2016
Black-and-white Warbler1118478/19/2016
Bonaparte's Gull101018/22/2016
Cedar Waxwing2110215432118/22/2016
Eastern Kingbird48776554534878/22/2016
European Starling1003685198/20/2016
Great Egret022024148/20/2016
Lark Sparrow101018/22/2016
Least Sandpiper0711118/16/2016
Louisiana/Northern Waterthrush309238/19/2016
Mourning Dove20012773338/20/2016
Northern Parula111118/22/2016
Northern Waterthrush41316128/20/2016
Orchard Oriole101018/22/2016
Prairie Warbler104028/19/2016
Purple Martin1001652108/22/2016
Red-winged Blackbird342351715343348/19/2016
Ruby-throated Hummingbird013128/19/2016
Semipalmated Plover313738/22/2016
Tree Swallow204428/19/2016
warbler sp.50245118/20/2016
Western/Semipalmated Sandpiper06060

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